Licensing Adler’s OmniHeat™ system brings your heating capabilities to higher level, adding value and lowering cost on your customer's projects. Join other top heating companies who are using our OmniHeat™ System to lower overall heating costs, improving performance, and becoming more environmentally friendly.

Adler is continually introducing this method of water heating to the industry at every level. We educate operators on the many benefits achieved through the OmniHeat™ System and License the system, providing support to key heating companies that hold safety and operational excellence as the highest priority.

Currently, the OmniHeat™ system is being licensed on a non-exclusive basis.

Adler Hot Oil Service LLC., offers non-exclusive licenses to heating companies for use in any country which it has patents pending (Currently Canada and the USA). By licensing through Adler Hot Oil Service, LLC, licensees will gain full use rights of all the patent pending methods, systems, support, trademarks, and process improvements.

Adler Hot Oil Service, LLC is developing an industry-wide educational program in order to educate and create a movement to lower costs and help the environment. The result of this program will provide you and your clients a better understanding of the value that this system provides to water heating operations.

To find out more about licensing the OmniHeat™ system please contact Paul Briggs at